You could say I was looking for something different. This year I didn'twant some drunken New Year party topped with poppers and horns blownafter a boisterous countdown. On this holiday away from home I didn'twant to waste away hours soaking in the sun on an overpopulated beach.After a rough several months I wanted to finish off the year amongststunning scenery and an eclectic gathering of rock climbers literallyfrom around the world in Hampi, Karnataka, India.
Unnamed V5 on the Rishimukh Platea. Climber: Mangesh Takarkhede
Mangesh working on The Shield V4
Nishit Shah having an after midnight climb on the Heart Boulder.
View I saw every morning as I approached the Rishimukh Plateau from the Goan Corner Guesthouse.
Eirik Thorsrud of Norway working on a problem on the Shield Boulder
Oyvind Blaker, also of Norway, topping out on the classic face of The Shield
Petter Kattstrom of Sweden working Harry's Traverse
Tomi Lindroos of Finland works on Classic Crack on the Shield Boulder V2
Petter Kattstrom of Sweden on an unnamed highball on the Rishimukh Plateau.
Lan Yao working on her project, Classic Arete on the Cosmic Friktion boulder.
Pete Marriott of the UK grabs a sharp crimp on an unnamed route at the Cosmic Caves
The view from Cosmic Caves of Rishimukh just before sundown
Rachael from Canada stretches before attempting the climb up through the sky light
Lan Yao sticks the Gaston Crimp on the route through the sky light at Small Cave
Tomi Lindroos gets set to do an off balance move from the Gaston Crimpto a positive pocket on the Sky Light, as I am going to call it.
Tomi squeezing through the finish of Sky Light
A climber enjoying his reward after sending a challenging problem
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